Sustainable interiors and tableware.

Reclaimed Wood Board
Flame Bookshelf
Glass Top Box
Gary Ingham Spa Interior


At Merlini every product we make is handmade in the UK from sustainably sourced timber. This includes reclaimed timber, wood from fallen and deceased trees and FSC timber. Our workshop is situated within the city walls of York

Using reclaimed timber is not just an eco-friendly choice. The reclaimed wood used, sometimes hundreds of years old, possesses much more character and beautiful grain. This is because the trees have been allowed to grow naturally in the past, instead of straight and fast.

The grain in old timber is therefore often denser and more beautiful and is just waiting to be brought back to life. Marks, holes and cuts apparent in the timber from previous uses, add to the character.

Please contact me for a free quote, to view my workshop and furniture, discuss your ideas or to purchase one of my own designs.

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